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Some Of The Most Ridiculous Things You Hear From Photographers

If I charge less, business could be better

Price is not really as important as most people think. In fact, many times a client turns away either you charge too little (lack of confidence in a photographer that charges less than market price), or that your service is less than satisfactory. In fact the second happens more often than you think. It may be surprising to many pros reading this article but many clients don't really care whether your work is well above standard or DaVinci like in quality. This is especially true if you deal with a lot of commercial clients like developers or commercial/retail companies. For them, they aren't looking for art, but someone reliable that can get the job done with the least amount of hassle. If you believe your shots look great, and your prices are reasonable, maybe it's time to review your service. Is it too slow? (turnaround time), are you being to friendly or too honest (it's a business relationship so don't start your email with "Hey Buddy") or are you asking too much in terms of payment terms (ex. Please give me 50% now at booking the other 25% on the day and the rest of the 25% before I send you the download link. Also I only take direct deposit, if you pay by cheque there will be a service charge...)

The term "Cash is King" is correct in some sense. You are here to service them not cause a inconvenience for them. You can give opinions and ask for payment upfront etc... but take your clients into consideration and make it somewhat easy for them to follow. Hey if your client needs to bend a little for you, you think you won't have to neither?

If I had a better assistant, things would be so much smoother

I have gone through a great number of assistants and let me tell you, no one will ever come close to perfect. When it comes to assistants, I think us photographers need to keep certain things in mind

*they did not start out like you so they can't think and work like you

*a lot of them are doing it for the extra cash and not trying to be the next Mike Kelley, so give them a break

*hey like you don't break things? So as long as you have insurance and your assistant understand where he/she screwed up and has learned a lesson. It may be a good experience (of course sometimes it's an expensive one, but we all learn from mistakes)

*Don't expect them to understand what's going on in your mind. For #$@&%*! sakes, your mom doesn't probably know what's going on in your mind when you are shooting on location.

My PC is mightier than a MAC

Yeah whatever, that's why we are all be bitching about Catalina right?

I am waiting for Canon to step up with their next camera

Let's face it, will never happen. Canon gave us the almighty 5D Mark II by chance. Not saying the success was not something they deserve but I am sure they didn't realise how big DSLR video would have become at that time. If they had such great foresight, what took them so long to come out with a half decent flip screen or the fact that compared to Sony's, Canon customisable features are still somewhat limited. On the other hand, if they fully satisfied your expectations with the next 5D Mark V then who is gonna buy the other canon cameras? and who is you? Can't satisfy everybody.

Manfrotto's quality is crap nowadays

I know I am gonna get trashed for this one, but really when I think about it. How often we see people throwing (ok not literally of course) their Arca heads or RRS sticks in the back of a trunk or even along with your light stands in a carry case? I have been using a manfrotto 055 and 410jr combo for more than 5 years and very often. In fact, since everyone has praised the arca/rrs combo I always wanted to switch. I couldn't because my tripod and head didn't break or deteriorate like many claimed and really the Arca heads or RRS sticks just doesn't give me incentive to switch and fork up an extra $3-5k. I have had no issues with quality other than one time the rubber foot of the tripod came off (I just attached it back on and it's been fine since then).

You need a better light modifier

No you need to understand how to shape light. For the longest time I was so bought into that mentality I gotta use #profoto if I want a professional look. Yeah I know. Just the sound of that is naive and amateurish. If you don't understand how light works, the most expensive modifier won't help, and if you do, even cheap Chinese modifiers can get the job done. Light is light. Lee makes a killing off of that "quality diffusion material" BS. The difference between diffusion material like #lee and that of #rosco or something cheaper like #superior is actually a lot less significant than you think (especially if you are double diffusing, I think the only real difference with something expensive like Lee Diffusion Filters is the fact such brands can be much more specific in the various diffusion result (as in their are many kinds of diffusion filters that they offer and not just 1/4,1/2,1), but if you use bounce lighting in your workflow you aren't looking for a very specific diffused look.

*remember this guy... "The Lightsphere® Collapsible™ is an invaluable tool for all types of photographers, providing a soft omni-directional light for your indoor photography as well as beautiful fill-light for outdoor portraits." I feel sorry for people that bought this and can you believe they now have a gen-5 product? Stop wasting your money!

These are just a few off my head, what are some ridiculous things you have heard or you have said in the past?



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