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COVID19/Coronavirus Adobe Offer is legit but with a slight catch

Who says #adobe doesn't care about us users eh? Well I can just confirm that the 2 month free offer for existing Adobe subscription users is legit. The process is a little different for users around the world. I have heard from some users that they simply started the process by cancelling their existing plan just so to reach the offer section which is applied immediately. In my part of the world, that doesn't work. So what I did was contact adobe through their customer service chat and their helpful staff was able to apply this offer for me and as well answer most of my questions. I have decided to attach a few of my chat details for those that are interested in the offer but cannot apply in your part of the world like me.

*and yes the process had no affect on my usage with the applications I am using (#photoshop/#lightroom/#illustrator), and the refund went back to my credit card. The whole process took maybe a little less than 30 minutes (it does require you to go back to your account to update some payment details, because basically they are cancelling your service and re-subscribing to allow you to get the 2 month free offer).

So as you can see, the process isn't that straight forward but compliments to #adobe for being so considerate and I understand in the midst of this sudden crisis, it's the best they could do in terms of the process of application for this offer. Although two months of free service isn't gonna help a lot of businesses that is suffering or foreseeing a big setback, but a little help goes a long way.

For those that are wondering how I am holding up during the #COVID19/#coronavirus crisis, well I was very lucky as I intended to take a couple months off originally at this time for some training I had signed up for, for digital product design. I was also very lucky that a big client came asking for help with design work for three new brands for their company. So basically, working at home will be pretty busy for the next two three months. This is also another reason why I always urge fellow photographers to add design work into their business. It's not conflicting to the photography work and for most clients it's an added service you can provide with the photography work you offer them already. Not to mention, who knows when #china will spread another deadly virus around the world. Design work does not require me to shoot on location and so in terms of income, the design work has really pulled through and helped my business survive #covid19 throughout this tough economical times.

Guys stay safe and stay healthy. Don't believe the false information going around that the virus is just another flu. It is really contagious and it can be deadly. So avoid social gatherings and hey just grab a beer with buddies over some kind of chat online. In the meantime, take this time and learn something. Don't spend it all on catching up on some series on NETFLIX. Whatever you end up learning, will be very worthwhile.

*you can find more details about this offer in the link below


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