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Photography relies on art direction and composition.  Those that require only fancy equipment are simply the technology's hired hands.

Raise in the suburbs of Toronto, Joseph/GyK (GyK is an abbreviation of Joseph's Chinese name) was brought up by your typical working class parents.  What was not so typical was that unlike typical Asian parents at that time, GyK was encouraged to embrace and explore the arts rather than to study hard in areas like finance and science like most of his peers had to.  While this was encouraged, his parents also made sure he realized that besides the unlimited emotional support that he would get from them, there would be a lot of hardship and challenges. 


With a strong interest in culinary arts, GyK first started out his early life working in some of better known kitchen's in Toronto and Hong Kong.  He later moved on to creative media because he felt the life in hospitality was not for him.



In the beginning, while GyK worked in television and film, he quickly realized his strength and passion was in photography.    

In 2010, GyK decided to start his photography business, PAPERFISH.  The name is actually a homonym from his Chinese Name.

Based in Hong Kong, GyK primarily work and travel around Asia, filming and photographing for restaurants and hotels.  You can find many traces of GyK's work in magazines, billboards, editorials, and even food packaging throughout central and south east Asia.  

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